Empowering the Industry with Innovation Transformation


Since the full reopening in early 2023, economic and trade activities have largely returned to normal. The HKSAR and central governments have vigorously promoted high-quality development and introduced a series of preferential policies and measures to stimulate the development of the real economy, which has provided a good opportunity for the manufacturing industry to take charge of its own business. However, the pace of recovery in the manufacturing sector has lagged behind expectations, and market competition has become more intense. The Hong Kong Mould and Die Council (HKMDC) proposes that the industry should transform itself through innovation and equip itself with more competitive products and services. The Council plans to undertake the following work to serve our members:


Improve positioning while empowering the industry. The role and function of moulds in manufacturing has changed with the implementation of new industrialisation standards. The value of a mould product is measured by how it can empower the industries and create significant social impact, which is critical to increasing production efficiency. We should deeply understand customer and market demand, evaluate and re-position our products and services, and develop strategies and implementation roadmaps suitable for mould companies. We believe that when product categories remain unchanged, the focus should be on developing new production methods, business models and ideas. The Council will engage leading companies and experts to share experiences and provide guidance to promote new production methods and ideas. We will share success stories and other information to help companies reformulate their development strategies.


Leading transformation through pioneering. Accelerating the digitalisation of traditional manufacturing and developing new production methods are key to enhancing competitiveness. We will involve more members in the industrial chain, and leverage the exemplary role of outstanding companies in digitalisation to lead companies in upgrading and transformation. The Council will continue to promote strong collaboration among enterprises that excel in professional or technical fields. Together, they will venture abroad to further strengthen Hong Kong's mould industry with our unique characteristics.


Building bridges for mutual success. We understand that universities and research institutions in Hong Kong and the Mainland have many projects that are closely related to the industry, especially in the research and development of new materials and processes. These projects are need to be validated in real-world scenarios in order to be commercialised. On the other hand, our members face various challenges in upgrading their products and restructuring their operations, and there is a lack of targeted and systematic solutions. The Council will promote communication and collaboration between the industry and institutions to encourage innovation in improving the performance of moulded products. We will invite project leaders to participate in the Council's technical seminars and new technology demonstrations. We will arrange visits to research institutes for members to learn about the latest technological developments, and to promote knowledge exchange and mutual achievement.


Impacting Asia and the World from the Greater Bay Area. Leveraging the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures, talent, technologies and information flows, as well as efficient logistics and transportation, Hong Kong is an ideal place to plan marketing strategies and develop business. The Greater Bay Area, with its well-developed industrial chain, is the best place to implement new technologies and develop new products. We should make good use of the advantages of manufacturing to gain a deeper presence in the domestic market, refine our products and strengthen our base. Relying on the spillover effects of our country’s economic development and the favourable trade conditions of RCEP, we can promote our products and technologies in ASEAN and other Asian countries and easily tap new markets. The Council will provide members with more market information through the platform of the Federation of Asian Die and Mould Associations, and lead exploratory efforts to promote mutual development. We believe that with new growth momentum and strengthened competitiveness, returning to the European and American markets and further exploring other emerging markets will be a natural and successful development.


Fostering spirit, sustaining vitality, ensuring succession. The HKMDC will soon celebrate its 35th anniversary. To maintain vitality and ensure succession, we will continue to nurture talent for the industry. By involving the younger generation in planning activities for the Council and leading specific projects, we can enhance their understanding of the moulding industry and encourage their participation in our work. At the same time, we will promote the spirit of the Council and build a consensus for its future development. We will cultivate cohesion among the Executive Committee and members, and build the HKMDC into an organised, dynamic, and sustainable industry association.

Finally, I would like to thank all members for their trust and support over the past few years and for re-electing me as Chairman in the new term. I will continue to pursue my ambitions and work with the Executive Committee to serve the Council with dedication. I wish everyone continued progress and success.


Felix Choi

HKMDC Chairman