Introduction to Hong Kong Mould and Die Council


Hong Kong Mould and Die Council, established in 1989 as Group 14 under the auspices of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries, aims at serving the industry’s needs for more than 28 years. It facilitates the interaction between members within the industry, and also acts as a channel to voice up industry’s need to the Government. Nowadays, the Council has become one of the major associations to represent the common interests of the mould and die industry in Hong Kong.


The objectives of Hong Kong Mould and Die Council are listed as follows:


  • To promote the interests of the Hong Kong mould and die industry.
  • To upgrade the technological level of the mould and die industry and to strengthen its competitiveness overseas.
  • To organize activities of interest and importance to the mould and die industry.
  • To disseminate relevant information to fellow members.
  • To represent the best interests of the mould and die industry and to advise the Government on matters related to the industry.

Currently the Council has nearly 100 company members led by Dr Jack Yeung, the Chairman, and Mr Felix Choi, the Vice-chairman, for the year 2017-19. An executive council with 29 executive members is established to organize various events and activities, and it is further split into 5 sub-committees based on the nature of events and activities, namely, Mainland & Overseas Affairs Committee, Public Communication & Social Media Committee, Membership Relations Committee, Cross Network Committee and Education & Technological Development Committee.


To further facilitate the Council’s execution and the communication among members, the Council enhances the contents of its official website this year, in order to provide members a full grasp of industry updates.