Mainland & Oversea Affairs Committee

- To provide the most updated information regarding the corresponding policies to Hong Kong mould and die industry

- To compile, consolidate and disseminate the latest policies from the PRC government related to the industries

- To maintain a closed connection with Mainland and overseas mould and die councils, and any corresponding units and institutions

- To assists members in developing Mainland and overseas affairs, planning co-operation proposals, and organizing activities aboard, such as Mainland and overseas study missions and exhibitions


Public Communications and Social Media Committee

- To facilitate communication with members and develop an effective trading platform

- To compose Hong Kong Mould & Die Council Annual Publication

- To make good use of new social media tool to foster interactions between members and the Council


Membership Relations Committee

To maintain close relationships with members by organising:

- Regular member visit

- Annual Dinner

- Spring Dinner in Mainland

- Annual Basketball Championship


Cross Industry Networking Committee

- To liaise with different industries and organise cross network activities, such as cross industry gatherings

- To develop and maintain close relationships with creative and innovative production industries

- To organise seminar and sharing regularly in order to provide useful information to the industries


Education & Technological Development Committee

- To assist the Educations Bureau to establish Qualification Framework for Manufacturing Industry (Tooling, Metals & Plastics) in order to give advice in the composition of “Specification of Competency Standard” for mould and die industry

- To facilitate communications between the Council and cultivate talents for the industry